Just bought it as used from my friend SV1LHZ. It looks in great condition. just keep reading the manual…

since May 2023

Kenwood TS-570D (SOLD!)

I got it yesterday used from eBay. Thought it was a good bargain. Works great and i will have it as an “outside” home rig.

since April 2022


Really simple V/U VV/UU. Value for money.

I got it from a friend who decided to leave VHF and UHF bands.I use it almost for Cross Band Repeater and as a low consumption unit.40 mA at standby mode makes a great battery friendly Rig!

since November 2020

ICOM IC-9700

The local store had it on SUPER SALE on Black Friday sales and here it is. I am planning to use it most for Digital (D-STAR). 1.2 GHz is a band that makes me curious. I have already bought a new antenna for SHF (see below)

since November 2019


A new rig in town!

After a long period a YAESU again in my shack. I will use it most for QSO’s at 2m SSB and Digital.

since October 2019


Xiegu G90 HF Amateur Radio Transceiver 20W SSB/CW/AM/FM 0.5-30MHz SDR Structure with Built-in Auto Antenna Tuner. I love this little monster 🙂

since October 2019

ICOM IC-7300

My latest HF Transceiver. New era for me! I am very pleased with this Rig. It is one of the best HF/6m tranceivers i have had until today. Almost everyday i operate FT8 and FT4 with this beauty.

since April 2019


My latest DMR. Works perfect! Best value for money. It keeps updating and today (Dec 2021) has gone levels up

since December 2018


POWER SUPPLY 5 ~15 VDC, 40 Amp CONTINUOUS – Serves my needs perfectly for almost 16 years. All my equipment is connected through. Never had a problem. Every one year i open it and do a good cleaning from dust and is as new again. Perfect.

since August 2005

My collection of Handheld Radios (Radioddity GD-77(dmr), ICOM E91(Dstar), Alinco DJ-G7, Yaesu VX3 etc.+ AOR AR8200-MK3 Receiver

Small collection of good handhelds.

Most of them are already sold for newer models